About The Virtual Flute
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The Virtual Flute has served flutists and composers since its launch in 2001. The Virtual Flute is the work of Andrew Botros, a graduate of Computer Science and Engineering and Music Acoustics at The University of New South Wales. The Virtual Flute began as Andrew's undergraduate engineering thesis under the supervision of Professors Joe Wolfe and John Smith, and for this work, Andrew won the University Medal for Computer Engineering in 2001.

The Virtual Flute also won the Siemens Prize for Innovation in 2002 and the Australian Acoustical Society Excellence in Acoustics Award in 2003. Andrew went on to be named Engineers Australia's Young Engineer of the Year in 2006.

For a complete description of the engineering and musical applications of the The Virtual Flute, see the 2006 article in the Journal of New Music Research:

BOTROS, A., SMITH, J. & WOLFE, J. (2006). The Virtual Flute: An advanced fingering guide generated via machine intelligence. Journal of New Music Research, 35(3), 183-196. [1.1M PDF]

The flutist upon whose playing the 'playability' model is based is Jane Cavanagh, former Principal Flute of the University of New South Wales Orchestra. Further modelling is also based on the playing of Cécile van der Burgh and Caoimhe McMillan. This research was also supported by the Australian Research Council.

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